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Circus Elements is a leading provider of circus based education.

When the Mirror Bird Sings

Wildly imaginative visual theatre for 3 – 11 year olds.

Adelaide Fringe Winner 2020

A tale about a rare flock of wonderous birds whose precious mirror ball eggs give rise to a heartfelt struggle between the forces of kindness and greed.

The story, dance and drama is intricately choreographed to the superb musical score of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons recomposed by Max Richter, thus creating such a rich multi-layered immersive and high quality performing arts experience.

The show provokes emotive connections to themes relating to environmental sustainability, greed, kindness, conflict resolution and reconciliation. Through the interpretation and response of such themes within the show children benefit through enhanced understanding of themselves and others.

Cost: $7 per child (including GST). Minimum 130 children or $800 + GST (travel fees may apply)

Suitable: R – 5 (Included workshop for lower primary class. Preferably Class 1)
Space: open activity room, gymnasium or hall, minimum size 9m x12m (negotiable)

Ph: Juliette on 0448 651 901 or E: [email protected]

When the Mirror Bird Sings aligns with the early-years, primary Australian curriculum for high quality arts experience through music, dance and drama.

Project assisted by the SA Government through ArtsSA and Country ArtsSA and the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory group, the City of Marion Council through the Marion Cultural Centre, the University of Texas in Austin, the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, Boat Rocker Entertainment in New York, the Victoria University in Wellington, NZ and the Artground in Singapore.

Cleverly built a world of possibility combining deft storytelling, classical music and physical theatre
Tuula Roppola
Primary School Teacher

Circus in Schools

Circus Elements is a leading provider of circus based education.

Our 'Circus in Schools Activities Program' aims to promote a physically & mentally stimulating package for school children as they are highly engaged through demonstrations and learning activities.

Typical benefits include: physical activity, hand eye co-ordination, balance, flexibility and team work, confidence & self esteem building.

Circus skills taught include:


Flower sticks

Plate spinning

Plate manipulation


Rola bola


Stilt walking

Balance stick

Poi spinning

Acro balance

Human pyramids

Staff twirling

Just wanted to say thank you for the workshops you've run with our Year 7s this year. The Students have gained a lot from working with you and I'd love to have you back next year.
Emma Williams
Head of Drama, Concordia College

Schools Programs Overview

Lesson Structure

One off lessons to full-day and term-long programs are available.

A 60-minute class typically includes 1 or 2 tutors guiding students through a warm up, stretch and/or game and three to four of the above skills, taught in easy to understand steps.

Facilities Required
A well lit sheltered indoor or outdoor area. If acro- balance is taught, gymnastics mats will need to be supplied.
Fees (1 tutor)

Half day: $250 + GST ($25) = $275
Full day: $400 + GST ($40) = $440

Circus Elements tutors have Catholic Police clearance and DCSI clearance.

The benefits of learning circus skills include:

Physically Active

Participants can make the activities as intense or as mild as they require


Skills may be developed, along with their associated benefits.


Involves those students that may be discouraged from participating in sports because of the fierce competition and alliances formed in many sporting activities. Students may work alone, but are also encouraged to work together and help build each other’s skills.

Mentally Challenging

By the very nature of juggling, both left and right hemispheres of the brain are simultaneously engaged. Trying to co-ordinate both arms (and legs) provides a great brain workout, which can have spill-over effects of improved ability to concentrate in other areas of learning. Other circus skills provide stimulating mental challenges also.

Improved Self Esteem

And improved self-confidence through learning skills that may once have been thought to be impossible


Not all circus props have to be professionally manufactured or expensive; many can be made at school or home using ordinary objects


Breaking skills into smaller steps and then constructing these back into the complete picture, as well as learning how to use mistakes as important steps for learning.

Self Discovery

The joy of playing with something new (or something already familiar) and finding different ways to use it.


Spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination may be improved through participation in many of the activities.

New Experiences

Gain a different aspect of the arts (or experience a part of the arts) for those that may not otherwise have the opportunity, or motivation.

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