Event Entertainment

Circus Shows

The Griffini Show

A 30-minute feast of riveting entertainment for all ages. Griffini juggles anything, anywhere and incorporates audience participation, unicycle stunts and other feats of utter stupidity before the great finale of riding atop a gargantuan unicycle and juggling flames of fire!
Audience: Family/Adults
Duration: 30 minutes (5-15 minute performances also available)
Space: 6m deep X 6m wide X 4m high.

You always bring that ‘Je ne sais quoi’ as the French say so eloquently that takes our events up a notch and makes them special. Looking forward to working with you again later in the year at Street Fair."
Ashley Tippins
Feast on the foreshore organiser

Roving Entertainment


Stilt Characters

Choose from:

  • Formally dressed for a  ‘meet and greet’ to welcome guests at any event, function or party
  • Chefs (they cook anything, anywhere, anytime. Keep children in your sights at all times!)
  • Teacher – Cranky and always right!
  • Christmas elf – Santa’s not so little helper. Bigger than life and still up to mischief!

Special Unicyle Patrol

Severe budget cuts to the Police Force have halved the bicycle unit! Officers will be on the lookout for the flimsiest excuse to issue a fine to old and young alike and will leave their subjects flabbergasted in disbelief at the new police laws. (Up to 2 performers available)


Suave, sophisticated, savvy. Not to mention a talented juggler.
Great for roving through crowds for a little extra flair and a bit of cheekiness!

Thank you so much for your support of the Glenelg Pageant! I was so pleased with all of your performers! I do hope to be able to work with you again in future.
Marcia Mudge
Organiser, Glenelg Christmas Pageant

Festival Workshops

Circus Elements have taught circus skills at many events, schools and other locations including festivals, community centres, and camps, and to people from age 4 to adult, abled and less-abled. Festival workshops are typically run as a “drop in” activity but if needed a more structured workshop can also be arranged.

Area Required:
8m x 8m. This needs to be roped off with a space left for people to enter and exit. We then decorate the space with colourful bunting.

Skills taught include:

  • Juggling
  • Flower sticks
  • Plate spinning
  • Stick balancing
  • Hand held stilts
  • poi spinning
  • Unicycling
  • Hoola hoops
  • Thanks so much again for your contribution to the national rural health conference, as well as some delegates learning new skills Circus Elements brought fun and laughter to conference arts and health program.
    Ruth Smiles
    Entertainment Coordinator, National Rural HEalth Alliance National Conference
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